How can I stop itching caused from bee stings?

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My grandfather likes working with beehives and making honey. Anyway, I like helping him from time to time but I just cannot handle the stings part. I guess my grandfather is experienced enough, but even with the protective equipment, I have problems. So, how can I stop itching caused from bee stings?
Well, there is no definitive cure for this situation. But bee sting is something that will pass on its own after a week maximum. All you have to do is remove the stinger and then endure the itching for a while. There are some ointments and oils, but nothing specific. Only if the pain and discomfort continue after a week, you might consider seeing a doctor.
Well, The bee stings are not very dangerous if they happen only once, but having several stings can really cause problems and you can even get allergic to bee stings which is very dangerous. I know that bee stings are very painful and p[people like to put ice on it in order to get rid of the pain. However I am not sure how effective this is. I also heard that people put dirt on the sting and they say that this helps a lot too. Have you tried to do this? Talk to your grandfather about this and see if he ever used this trick. I hope this helped in any way. Good luck, Karel
there are ways and how long have you even been stung by a bee i have yesterday nd now ur no real help
baking soda mixed with water to make a paste will stop the itching. my hand got stung once and swelled up like a boxing glove. the baking soda was my only relief.
Hot water soak will relieve the itch immediately, but hurts when you first immerse your body part in the water.  If you can stand it, soak for 20 minutes.  Wait 20 minutes then contrast soak with cold/icy water to reduce inflammation and swelling.  I start with cold tap water and gradually add ice cubes.  Do this for 20 minutes and you should get significant relief.  You can alternate the contrast soaks several times a day - I find I get 4 - 6 hours of relief from one hot/cold session!  I add mineral oil to the water so the skin does not dry out.  ALWAYS end with the cold water soak....this constricts the blood vessels and thus reduces inflammation.  Works for spider/other bug bites as well. Alternately - make a paste with apple cider vinegar and baking soda and apply to the affected area as some body parts may prove difficult to soak!  If you happen to have meat tenderizer on hand, add that to the paste.  It contains MSG and Papain which is a natural pain reliever.  A thin slice of white or brown onion applied to the area and covered with gauze will help release the venom and also acts as a natural pain reliver. Onion is also good for minor scrapes and shallow wounds that look like they are becoming infected.  Leave the onion on the area and KEEP DRY for 24 hours, then peel off slowly.  The ick and goo from the wound comes off with it.  Keep wound clean, dry and covered or use antibiotic ointment if you feel it needs it.  Mostly ~ listen to your body ~ it will tell what it needs!
i did the water one for only about 2 min in hot water and 1 min in cold water and the itching is gone.
After I got stung yesterday, I went into a pool. The cold water mixed with chlorine helped reduce the itching and I didn't have an itching sensation until the next morning.
According to Karel's quote below people use to use 'dirt'. I am trying to clear up what 'dirt' is. My Grandfather was half Indian and was proud of it. He used to use that method on our family whenever stings happened. Dirt translated is 'mud'. It works, I don't know how but I am a true testament to this method. Thanks Karel! "I also heard that people put dirt on the sting and they say that this helps a lot too. Have you tried to do this? Talk to your grandfather about this and see if he ever used this trick. I hope this helped in any way."
thank u guys
How does u no if the stinger came out ?
It worked! Thanks person
That didn't work for me
Tiger balm ppl. It works wonders
I just got stung bye a bee and boy I can't stop itching it. I've learned that the best way to cure it is to mix water and baking soda and apply that on the sting, of course after taking the stinger out. Another remedy is to drink Gatorade! hope this helps!!