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I am a senior female and have been getting swellings on my cheeks and chin which have a small pin head that if broken expells clear fluid .. if squeezed the swelling goes down and the skin is wringly .  This area is very ichy..

what could this be?



it sounds to me like you have cold sores, or skin infection with herpes zoster virus (not the same one as genital herpes). I've somehow gotten this darn thing too and even though it cleared up a lot over the last two weeks, i still have few spots around my lips.

The most important thing with these is - do not squeeze them! The clear liquid that comes out contains more of the virus and you are literally spreading the bumps with every touch of that liquid. The only way for the infection to clear out is with help of antiviral cream like acyclovir, and there is also zinc oxide topical cream that helps to dry out the blisters without them popping and spreading the infection further,

Wish you all the best,