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FIrst of all i thanks for google for this great forum...

my question is iam facing the problem regarding innerforeskin

my inner foreskin is not attached to the meatus it is attached to the outer foreskin.

Way back 2007 i have streteched my foreskin to get the innerforeskin out but forecibly pushed so that inner foreskin also errected i was gone to doctor he gave me cream it is like gum to attach the skin but it wont work i own my self stretch the foreskin forward with my hands and i attache it .

I thought problem over but the problem is still live because the inner foreskin is not attached to the meatus it is attached to the outerforeskin but iam able to see the little inner foreskin which is attached to the outerforeskin..

so i have thought i have to put cream to attach the foreskin but i lost the ointment which is given by doctor so i have not gone to the doctor again

from 2007 iam continouing masturbation for every 3 or 4 days.

but presently iam 24 if i have sex is there any problem to the meatus beacuse the inner foreskin is still not atached beacuse of masturbation?

should i stop masturbation or should consult doctor or should apply any gum like cream to attach the inner foreskin to the meatus......?

suggest any cream to attach the inner foreskin to the meatus.

plz dont suggest beathamethasone i wont have stretching problems beacuse i have serious problem of not attached inner foreskin tot eh meatus now my outer foreskin attached with innerforeskin is attached to the head no problems for urination

but when i stretch and touch to the penis head that is meatus it is paining i want to attach the inner foreskin please help me friends .........


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I am having a little bit of trouble understanding what your problem is. It is difficult to say because we cannot see what your penis looks like are you saying that your frenulum is ripped? If so that usually isn't too serious of a problem


This is my problem for better understanding see this image:

In the image the inner foreskin is shown but it is attached to outer foreskin to me but it is shown when i touch my outerforskin foraward how to attach the inner foreskin to the meatus any cream .........waiting for your precious responses thanks in advance



Hi Vijaykumar:

The inner foreskin is attached to the penis just behind the head. The outer foreskin is attached to the abdominal wall.

The inner foreskin is composed of mucous membrane. The outer foreskin is composed of normal skin. The two join at the muco-cutaneous junction at the tip of the foreskin.

The foreskin is never supposed to be attached to the meatus. If it is then you have an adhesion that needs medical attention.

The foreskin is supposed to be free to glide up and down the shaft of the penis. It normally retracts when you penetrate your female partner and comes forward again when you withdraw from her.


you are right but i have forcibly retracted the foreskin during masturbation but the innerforeskin is also retracted and i atached the outer foreskin to my head but innerforeskin is attached to the outerforeskin but not to the head as you said it should be attached to the head....... i will provide my pics in the future i have no mobile right now but see this image for better understanding



Hi vijaykumar:

You are blessed with an erogenous, highly-innervated foreskin. Many unforeskinned guys would envy your foreskin. You display great wisdom in wanting to avoid circumcision. Do not be worried.

You may be speaking of the frenulum. It is located beneath the head and attaches the foreskin to the bottom of the head.

It is normal and supposed to be there. The frenulum is highly innervated and serves to limit the retraction of the foreskin.

The stretching of the frenulum during sex helps to trigger orgasm.