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I don’t know exactly how to put this, but since making love with my girlfriend recently I have been unable to retract my foreskin.

My foreskin (which I have never had a problem with before) will no longer stretch over the head of my penis, and trying to force it to gives me a large amount of pain.

Is it possible I have damaged it, and it has scabbed up a little in side? Or could this be a much more serious problem?

The sex was un-protected, but I am her first and only partner.

Obviously I am scared shiftless about this, and could use any help anyone could suggest. I would prefer not to have to go to a doctor, but I will if left with no other choice.

thanks in advance for any help anyone can give!!!


Did you have Male circumcision? which means, when you were a baby did a doctor cut off all the foreskin skin?

When I try to pull my foreskin to my penis head It causes no pain. But when I drag it to the penis head and I let go it goes back where it was.

I cannot tell whats the problom with you without having to examine you.

Visit the wikipedia for more information.