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Due to excessive masturbation...pulling the foreskin down to far for too long......


My foreskin stretched and became a little sore, the skin healed into scar tissue/stretch scar marks.....

The scarring is located at the base of where the thin, smoother more delicate skin (foreskin) meets the thicker penis shaft skin. It is about 5mm in depth and continues around about a third of the circumference of the penis.

It is not painful, although it can get slightly sore after masturbation. It is not causing a problem when retracting the foreskin, but it is tighter than it was.

What I have done:

I have avoided masturbating for monthly periods.......but whenever I masturbate again, whether it be after a day, week, month.....everytime the stretched marked skin seems to scab over, sounds more horrible than it is, but it is a big it won't go away. The scabbing is fairly slight, white in colour so blends in with the scar tissue but it feels very lumpy and rough.....even when the scabbing disappears, it will be back after the next time I masturbate. I have used sudocream and moisturisers so far.

What could be done?

I feel there has got to be someway to cure this....I am not sure what exactly needs curing to be honest....I don't know if the damaged skin needs more prolonged time to settle......sounds crazy....but maybe damaging the area more severely so that it heals properly may work.

I think...

-Would heat work-Would Ice work

-Would some cream I have never heard of work

-Would stretching the foreskin in the opposite direction to the stretch marks work.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Steady,

See a urologist, not your doctor.  This is their area of expertise.

The skin on the penis is very thin, it can "tear" or scar easily.  If it is stretch marks, and they can happen, they are permanent damage to the tissues. 

A steroid cream might help prevent them from worsening, even improve them a bit.  You would need a prescription however.

See the urologist.

Good luck.




it's Not scar tissue, the Dr.s are full of sh*t it's a very progressive Infection that resembles scar tissue they just don't research mens health because they are sh*t twads, I've spent years with what they Called ... Scar tissue I've seen dozens of physicians, Got my hands on some Fucidin Cream and applied it every day for a week all that Hard scar tissue/problems they claimed I had cleared right up.


A steroid Cream is a waist of f*****g money and Time, They do it To stretch the Scar tissue, but it's not scar tissue i'm about 80% sure its a f*****g fancy Yeast infection the steroid cream Weakens the immune system where you rub it and allows it to spread deeper into tyour skin f**k the steroid Cream seriously just get your hands on some Fucidin Cream Fusidic Acid cream 2% and apply for a week or two. My problem was 14 years old and serious you may not need as long.



Where do you get this fusidic acid cream at