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my foreskin stretched and tore the other night so i let it heal but now its become very tight in the places where it tore. the skin has become hard in the area like a scab but its only slightly whiter in colour and when i try and stretch the foreskin it tears again. it happened three nights ago now so the original cuts are healed over and its new ones that appear.

when i retaract the foreskin its a little painful and i can only retarct it behind my glands when flacid. it stays very tight since the scabbing covers about 3/4 of the foreskin. 

i need some tips on how i can fix this problem. will the scabs go away if i just leave it or do i keep trying to stretch it regularly to so it doesnt stay as tight


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hi, to try and keep the skin soft try rubbing baby oil on and around it every day and leave it at least a week or more to heal properly before you try to stretch it again then do it very slowly and don't try to force it.