For the last couple of years, my father has had this lump of sorts directly under his right nostril with swelling of his nostrils.  He has been to many doctors (primary care, ear nose and throat, general dentist, oral surgeon, endodontist, infectious disease, and a neurologist) and not one doctor has been able to find anything wrong or really given any explanation as to why he is experiencing this.  He saw a couple different ENT Dr's and the last one he saw said it could be scar tissue and he would just basically have to live with it.  He has had no trauma to his face recently so he's not sure how it could be scar tissue.  He swears it started a couple of years ago when he blew his nose and as he was wiping it, he felt something move down from his right sinus area to below his nose (I don't think scar tissue is mobile? I could be wrong). He has had x-rays taken, an MRI, and a CT scan of his head and there have been ZERO results; Dr's cannot find anything.  The swelling is not so great that someone who did not know him would notice it.  Most Dr's have actually told him "you don't look swollen," or "If I walked by you on the street, I would never know you were swollen."  HE KNOWS THOUGH.  He has since grown a beard because he is so self conscious of it and has had all of his teeth pulled in hopes that it was an infection from a tooth/many teeth and it would be cleared up once he had his teeth removed.  He is 62 years old.  He recently had implants placed to replace the teeth he had pulled, and the implant placed right under his right nostril (tooth #8 for those who know) is VERY sore...but yet the Dentist says nothing is wrong.  PLEASE HELP!