Hi! Hey buddy been there and experienced all those symptomps for years. Went to doctors 53 times, did systocopy, drink tablets, changed my diet, avoided alcohol, coffee, drugs, etcc. been diagnosed with active bladder, enlarged prostate, stress and anxiety and I can say it was all bu...sh...T . it is none of this things. Doctors will not be able to help you because they have so little knowledge about this issue. Here is the answer: Don't worry you are 24 yr old healthy male. You already went to the doctor and they did not find anything and they will never find anything because you dont have a physical problem, nor mental problem. No pills will be able to help you. Now, its all about your lifestyle: 1. Cut down on porn 2. Do not masterbate too hard or too many times a day! {give your "friend a break"} You are just irritating muscles around the bladder area by milking your c..k too hard, its called urithrititis. Get a girlfriend and have a normal intercourse with a girl. Masturbate in moderation 3 or 4 times a day and I guarantee you that your problems will disapper. Indeed there are lots of people out there that do need medical attention but THIS IS NOT YOUR CASE> CUT DOWN ON PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS c**p, its addictive and it creates problems to people. Cut down on stress, relax and enjoy your life. If you irritate your penis due to hard stroking, dont worry, stop sexual activity and frequent urination will go away in few hours or 1 to 2 days at worse. Trust me you can take this info to the bank. I dealt with this problem for 30 years, and i AM MY OWN EXPERT NOW! By the way problem is long gone. Good luck to you buddy! I hope this helps you!