I have tried everything to get off EXCEPT what worked.  Best advice I've had in 10yrs.  I was a very heavy Opiod user 50 plus pills a day.  I got on 3 8-12 strips of Suboxone a day then tapered to 1 only to after 5yrs going back up to 2 strips a day and I had a new addiction.    The best advice I got and it worked was.  While on 2 strips.  Take 1 in morning exact time say 8am and in the evening at 8pm take 3/4 strip.  Do that for 10 days.  Then go to 3/4 strip in morning and 3/4 strip in evening for 10 days.  Then do 3/4 strip in morning and 1/2 strip in evening for 10 days.  Then 1/2 strip in morning and 1/2 evening for 10 days.   I'm sure ur getting the pic by now. But I'll keep going.  1/2 morning and 1/4 evening 10 days the 1/4 morning and 1/4 evening for 10 days then if you want can do 1/4 morn and 1/2 a quarter evening and then 1/2 quarter morning and 1/2 quarter evening 10 days then 1/2 a quarter anytime during the last 10 days if needed.  If not stop.  This allows ur brain to adjust and to start making dopamine naturally again.   Before you know it you don't realize that ur almost taking nothing and within 2 months your free and no withdrawal.  Ok minimal. I took a small dose a clonadine blood pressure meds during for any cold chills or withdrawal symptoms and took regular multi vitamin.  After 5yrs I'm off and have zero desire to get back on.     There is hope.  Once you decide ur done with the mental crust he that you have to ur well on ur way to getting ur life back. Good luck