I'm having bunion surgery in 4 days on both feet. I know I ran across a post with a list of things to do and buy BEFORE you have surgery but of course I can't seem to find it now. Can anyone suggest things I should take care of NOW? I will be mostly on my own, my hub was just called offshore and I've already rescheduled my surgery twice, so I want to go ahead with it. My sis will drive me to and from my surgery, and my doc has already given me my crutches, but since I'm doing both feet, how will I get in and out of the car on the day of the surgery? I've read where your feet are numb right after surgery, so how do people who have had both feet done at the same time get in and out of the car after their surgery? Especially since I won't be able to rely on my hub's muscles to help support me? hehe