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I don't know how to deal with my girlfriends past.. she had one partner before me which was her first and then she went through some bad stuff and slept with another guy a couple times.. we are together for about 1 3/4 years. I know she's the one for me I just.. have trouble with this.. because I know what she does for me n it just kinda bothers me that another knows how she is and how she is in bed.. I know I sound pathetic.. I just need help getting over this..


Dear Ewasiw

Getting into multiple relationship is not a major blow towards current relationship. She may have her reasons of abandoning past relationships - physical or mental trauma or just any reason. What should really matter is that she is with you now and how you take your life forward. Nobody can stop past relations from bad mouthing her - be it publicly or in private - just give them the royal ignore - alternately if these activities hinder your current relationship to an extent where extortion or blackmailing is involved - please visit the nearest police station and register a complaint

Hope this helps