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I live in new jersey and my girlfriend lives in texas. I love her very dearly, but I feel something is missing. She talks all the time about how it will work out and we will be together forever, but I know that will never happen. She is now moving to California for college (I'm still in high school) and she wants to visit within the next month. I also think that will never happen. I never met her and want the affection needed in a relationship. I want the kisses, hugs, sex, etc that we always talk about. I know this won't work out, but she's suicidal and claims I'm the only outlet to happiness she has. I want to be there forever, but don't want to be sitting around watching potential girlfriends pass by. I never even kissed a girl before and I want that soon, but don't want to cheat on her. I need to end this, get back to life before her (less depression, more happy). How do I do it without breaking her heart and learning at some point that she killed herself because of me?


hey bra,i had the same [roblem with my girlfriend but we did met a few time and never had sex.She did not have time for me because she was young and in highschool.I was too much under have the exact problem as i did,you are insecured and don't trust her and you are right i don't too because girls r good at hiding secreats.if you hardly meet with her because she does not hav time for you then i'm afraid there is one option left and that is to end things with her but 1st explain to her the situation.gud luck bra