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Good day.

I did the most stupid thing ever.

Please, try to understand me before attacking me :/ I know that it is my fault.

A few months ago I met this wonderful guy. He is not from my country. We are still in contact but I didn’t see him for seven months now.

I got the chance to visit him. But I couldn’t take my cat with me. She is three years old, female. Her name is Cinderella. The biggest problem was because I couldn’t leave her anywhere – my friends don’t want to keep her for three days, and my mom is at my sister’s home.


So, I have decided to leave her alone at my house. For three days.

When I came back she was cool and happy to see me. We were playing, spending a time together.

But in the past few days she is really angry and she bites me for no reason.

I don’t believe that she is angry because I left her, right?

I mean, it can’t be this, it happened almost one month ago…




Very, very bad decision was leaving her alone. Cats love to be with someone, they just hate to be alone.

I have a cat and trust me, I know what I am telling you. Why didn’t you take your cat with you?

What, this guy doesn’t like cats? Well, dear Lord, in this case he will need to choose.

Never mind, I am always upset when I hear that someone can actually leave their pet for a couple of days.


Trust me, you cat is not angry for NO REASON. Maybe she didn’t show you this at the beginning, when you came back because she was really happy to see you.

But later she got angry and the reason is the same – you left her. Please, don’t do this again.

Tell me, is she better now?

Does she still bite you?



For no reason? Seriously? FOR NO REASON?

Come on…

She has a really huge reason to bite you and to be angry at you. Can’t you see what your mistake is?

You don’t…?

Well, look again…


The worst thing that you can do is to leave your cat alone. What she was eating? How much she was eating?

Hm, I really wonder…

Now you need to do all that is in your power to gain back her love.

You have to spend a lot of time with her, you need to play with her and you have to buy some new, attractive toys to her.




I just couldn’t expect this reaction :/
Now, I don’t know am I sorry because I have told you this.

Yes I know that I made a mistake and I am sure that I won’t do this again. I swear.

I was surprised because she got angry after a couple of days.
That is why I believe that she is not mad at me because I left her.

I am trying to gain her trust again, but she is still mad at me. And she was biting me so hard. I bought some toys to her and I am planning to make a corner for her. Corner where she will enjoy.
What do you think?
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