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Evening folks.

I seek for help desperately because I am a new cat owner.


I adopted a 7 months old kitten from shelter one month ago. She was really playful and that is why I fell in love with her when I saw her at the shelter.


Today, I woke up and I saw that both of her front paws are badly swollen. This is causing great pain to her.

I check it carefully but I didn’t see anything – no bites, no glass.

I tried to clean it up but I couldn’t because she doesn’t let me come close to her paws.

What to do?

Do you need a vet if your cat has a swollen paw?


Hey TT.


Sure you do! Immediately! It is very important for several reasons.

First and the worst – it can be infected.

You should look for other topics that we posted in here, you can learn a lot about swollen paws in your pets and how you should react in this case.

The help that you can give to your cat in this moment is to apply pressure to the area to control it.

Please, do not give your cat any medications. No ibuprofen and no aspirin, unless your vet told you to do so. It can be very harmful and they can be useless.

Anyway who am I to tell you what you should do? :)

Your vet is the only one who can tell you.

So yes, you need to visit a vet to treat it!



Hello. It depends. I can see that you are a new cat owner but this doesn’t mean that you can deal with this issue successfully, right? Anyone around you has a cat? Can you learn something from them? I am always for visiting the vet but sometimes there is no need to do this. If you can find the cause why your cat has a swollen paw you can treat it simple with ice cold coverings. Maybe some bug bite her and this is a reaction to it. But if you don’t know what you are dealing with, you will need to visit the vet. Tell me is it getting any better now?



Hey everyone.

Thank you for your posts. I have to disagree with you Dog Whisperer. I can see that you have a lot of experience and I don’t have it, but I am not silly. I know that swollen paw can mean something serious. No, I haven’t visit the vet still because I don’t have a time to visit him. I am working a lot. I will do that.

I don’t know how to deal with it but I am positive that there is no bug bite on her paws, and it has to be something serious because her paws, both of them, are still swollen. I know that my mistake is because I didn’t visit the vet just yet. But I will. I tried cold coverings but it weren't helpful…As I can see.

Do you have any other suggestion? What should I do next?



Hey everyone. What should you do? You need to take her to the vet. Look at it this way: swollen paws last for a day at most. And that is the case if it’s nothing serious, like a bite or a sting stuck somewhere between her toes or something (unless you don’t remove the sting and leave it there, then the paw will keep being swollen for a day or two more). Since your cat is still having swollen paws after four days have passed, you really should visit your vet. It might be some really bad infection, or a tumor, although it’s rare.



I also think it is better to visit your vet in this case.

As people above said, the paws should have been better already and they aren’t. So it’s probably something bad, I’m sorry about it by the way.

And how come you have a cat and you don’t have the time to take her to the vet because of her swollen paw that she has for four days now? Really irresponsible.

Visiting the vet is a must in your situation. Sorry if you find this harsh, it’s just a friendly advice.

 If the problem endures, go to see the vet.




Nobody is attacking you, those were just questions so we can find out what the main reason is and what the best decision to do is.

There is no need for bad talk, right?

But I have to tell you that you are really irresponsible because you notice this five days ago. FIVE DAYS AGO!

You still haven’t done one single thing to help your cat. You are making me really, really mad.

Dear, it can be everything. It can be even a tumor and if you leave it at this way, awful things can happen to your cat.  



Love is pet, you say nobody is attacking him/her, but you kind of are. And you are even mad, I laughed so hard on your comment. :D

Anyway, we can all agree that you have been irresponsible but that won’t help right now. I hope that you have already visited the vet since we haven’t heard from you in 3 days. Any news? You already read how bad can it be, it can only get worse if you keep stalling. I still do hope that it’s just a bite or a sting although the chances are small for that now. It would be good if it happens to be a very small infection that is easily treated, too.