My current stats: 37 years old, two kids, third marriage.  I had been on the pill since I was 16 with zero problems (No pregnancy if I didn't want / pregnancy if I did).  However, and back me up ladies, I was getting a bit tired of planning my pharmacy visits around vacations, last minute phone calls to my gyno to renew my scrip, and just having to always remember that "one extra thing."  

A friend of mine got her Mirena in 2009 and told me all about one mommy's night out over a (few) glass(es) of wine.  She raved about no periods, no problems, easy sex life - blah effin' blah...  She's still my friend, by the way, but we are not as close.

In or around September 2010, I was newly engaged to my next (third) husband and I had just turned 35.  I  had a new life and I was a modern woman damn it!  I had dabbled in a little botox (expensive, but AWESOME) and thought it was time I took charge of my uterus.  So I called up the gyno and scheduled my "insertion."  I had read all about it and was ready to roll.

I will defer to other comments and blogs for descriptions of the insertion experience.  All I have to add is: YIKES!!!!!

 And then there was the smell.

I have been camping without a shower for several days - I know that smell.

I have had heavy periods that bled through - I know that smell.

I have been pregnant and had strange discharge - I know that smell.

I have had sex, not showered, and then gone on through my day - I know that smell.

Then I got the Mirena - Sweet Jesus!  What is that smell????

I no longer had a period every month.  It just started coming WTF ever.  Hey, but at least it wasn't heavy!  No - instead, it had been replaced by a brown, stinky ooze that was just sufficient to ruin all my best panties when I least expected it.  Super!  

I had just forked over $600 of my little income, rationalizing that the savings over 5 years of not buying BC pills would make up for it and I wanted my relationship with Mirena to work out!  I gave it time...but it never got better.  I just learned to keep perfume on me at all times to spray my crotch in an attempt to keep the stank at bay.

2 years and 4 months after insertion, I had that little demon stick yanked out.  I am pleased to report that my Va-jay-jay is all roses again!  Not only that, but sex no longer hurts.  Oh, I forgot to mention that.  My husband is "tall" and usually pings my uterus during coitus.  ("H-h-h-h-heeeeyyyyy there!  Can you back off honey?  It feels like you're driving a nail into my cervix!!")  No more.  Ahhh sex...And more sex...And more... I like sex.

Moral of the story - If you can try Mirena for free, go for it!  If after a few months you don't feel like it's for you, yank that thing out!  (Actually, you should have a qualified medical professional yank it for you).