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Hi, I lost my virginity 4 days ago to a guy I really like and trust. He has a lot of experience with sex while I don't, obviously. We used a condom, from beginning to end, and he came inside me with the condom on. Afterwards he simply threw it out, he didn't mention that anything was wrong with the condom. So as far as I know, the condom was used and worked correctly.

I'm supposed to be getting my period within the next few days. I have my pre-period symptoms right now and have had them even before I had sex (sore breasts). Still, I am INCREDIBLY paranoid that I might have gotten pregnant because all we used was a condom. I'm not on BC anymore. We also used Johnson's body lotion as lube halfway through, but like I said apparently nothing was wrong with the condom after...but still, I am worried. 

I know I have to wait until my period is missed or not, but what're the chances that I'm pregnant from this one encounter using just a condom? I can't even imagine what I would do if I was pregnant..


Hi snds,

If you were less than a week or so from having your period, you were likely at your lowest fertility.  48 hours after you ovulate, the egg isn't viable.

But, don't use anything like body lotion as a lube again.  It may contain oils which will WRECK a latex condom.  Only use water based lubes that are recommended for use with condoms (KY or similar).

It's not likely you are pregnant.