My mother is a senior 82 yrs young. She suffered from shingles a few months ago and my father observed that she suffered hallucinations at that time. Went away. Was diagnosed with TB (non-congatious) and was put on drugs that could cause hallucinations. She stopped the drugs after reading the info sent after having been on them for approx 2 months. Hallucinations began involving family members and she realized that she was hallucinating and would tell us of them. Seemed to happen more often if she was tired. Over a 2 week period the hallucinations have apparently stopped but now she has delusions, only one actually, of kids playing in the backyard, destroying things, wearing costumes or uniforms and dancing. All attempts to persuade her that they aren't there are fruitless. Seems fine otherwise and is normal during the evenings when she can't see out the windows. This is the only fixation she has and she spends the day looking out the window. Is often mad with my father because he won't call the police, throws things and cusses, definitely not my mother. She has had her thyroid removed due to cancer and is on medication.

Any ideas?