My mother aged 82, has been hospitalized for a month and diagnosed and now still on drugs for treatment of TB of the lymph nodes. While she has improved from having daily dizziness after a couple of her drugs were stopped, she wakes up every morning complaining of shoulder aches, sometimes of the neck as well. We try to alleviate possible causes of problems by adjusting her pillow, massaging with thumbs-downward movements of her shoulders and along neck gently, but the problem persists. She has been on dialysis (water) at home for nearly 2 years, no problems there. All her high blood pressure and diabetes problems are under control from periodic checkups and visits to her doctors.
The TB of the lymph nodes infection happened about a couple of months after she's had angioplasty for blackened toes and infection which are now cured, through the toes are still dark in color and lightening in some areas, with no pain or obvious re-infection.
Any idea what could be causing this? What remedies or therapy could be needed? Or do we need to review her present medications or supplements, of which are Ferrous Fumarate (iron), calcium, Renalvite, B6, Simvastin and aspirin (Glycerine at 45mg does daily), Bisoprolol Fumarate at 2.5 mg daily and potassium.
Except for this problem she can walk with help of walker, eat and has no bowel movement problems. Much needed advice and help needed.