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Hi iam muumy of one and have a problem i had sex TWO days befor i was due on my period and when i come on i'am usaly on for about 7-8 days and very,very heavy i usaly have to wear knickers,boxies and pants and two towels and still leak though but i had sex two days befor i was due on and then i came on for two days very,very light very light i have all the signs to be expecting bottom of back sore very tired and very,very bad head aches and mood swings i took a test while i was bleeding a lilttle bit and said i wasnt dont know what to think doc cant get an appt till 3 weeks any advice could i be ?? Thanks and also when i beeld for little bit it was brown and then pink


So I had a UTI and before my period it went away or so I thought it did...
I started my period the 29th of July and it ended Aug 5th my cramps were really bad. (they're never that bad) and my period never lasts that long it usually is just 3-4 days.
The last day of my period (the 5th) I sex, but didn't finish, then about ten minutes later, he stuck it in (it was dry there was no precum) and it was in there for less than 15 seconds!

.... three days after we had sex I got a sharp pain in my lower left abdominem that lasted for about 3 hours.
ever since that day till today, I've been getting cramp like feelings, pain in my hips and my boobs are sore (they were sore before the sex though) my lower back is cramping too.
I also got a pain right under my rib cage on the right side. and gas but I'm not farting....

I'm really concerned with what is wrong here, I can't go see a doctor so please don't tell me to do so. I need Help :-(

am I pregnant?
did the UTI lead to Kidney Infection?

i also have hemmorroids. internal and external.


I'm going insane thinking of the possibilities.