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i just am 14 like 5 days ago and i have little pubic hair and I am 4'11 and i have a high voice when am i going to hit puberty. my parent and sibling is all tall. I am in 8th grade and i had pubic hair since like 9 months ago.


If you have pubic hair then you have definitely reached puberty, Puberty starts anytime from around 10 to 16 for boys and what ever age in between is classed as "normal".

Things will start to happen fairly rapidly from now on (such as more hair, voice deepening, armpit hair/odor, ejaculation, unexplained erections, wet dreams and many more changes that can be found online (be safe mind) ) The growth spurt usually happens towards the end of Puberty for Boys, but at the start for Girls!

Good Luck and enjoy your childhood whilst it lasts! if you have a close friend then it can also help to chat to them, but they have to be close and trustworthy!

Well done for asking the question and i hope i have helped you a bit!