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I'm barely 16 and I've been craving for a baby for 3 yearsss! my boyfriend and I are all for the idea of have=ing one, but I'm worried about alot of different things like how people will react, will something go wrong if I don't go visit the doctor?, Is it a good idea and such. I guess what I'm asking, is if it's a completely terrible idea or not? I know I've gotta finish school and such but I've been told the younger you are, the easier it is for school. Am I making a completely terrible decision or is it an okay type of thing. Please comment! I've been praying about it soooo much!


Hi Cat,

Bad idea.

Never mind what "others" will think.

1.  You need to be able to provide for your child - NOT your parents and NOT the government.

2.  You do need to finish school.

3.  Your boyfriend will also need to finish school to help support ALL of you.

4.  You DO need regular checkups while pregnant.

5.  Diapers, medical care, food for an infant are expensive.

6.  Who's going to take care of your baby while you're in school? 

7.  No more hanging with the friends late at night, for you or your boyfriend.  Someone has to be there to take care of the baby.  Or are you planning to let someone else raise YOUR chile?

8.  Odds are your boyfriend will leave you after seeing how much responsibility it takes to raise a child.  When he has no friends, no money, no time for himself.

9.  Just a suggestion.  Get a puppy and take care of it for a while, by yourself.