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Hi, I am 13, I have an amazing boyfriend we have been dating for almost a year! He has been asking for us to sleep together! Part of me says yes, part says no. I have been going through alot of things and he shows me love no one else shows me:) My parents are going through alot of things and I know if I was to get pregnant i wouldnt be allowed to live here anymore. And i am ready to be a mom, even though I know there will be major consequences. He would get what he wants and I would possibly get what I want.... I love him with all my heart and I think it is time. Alot of my friends say NO you don't know what your talkin about your just depressed. What should I do?? I need your advice...


Having a baby is a hard thing. I had my first son when I was 21. Think of this: Once this baby comes out your life is basically over. You life will be devoted to only taking care of this baby. You will have to stay at home and take care of you child while all your friends are out having fun and doing things that teenagers do. Kids look down on kids having babies at young ages so it will cause issues at school. Also your friend's parent may also look down on this and not allow your friends to see you anymore.

Please do NOT take this the wrong way I am trying to help.
What I am seeing here is that you want this baby because of the attention that comes along with having a baby. Also if you give your boyfriend sex it will give you even more attention. With your parents going through things currently maybe you are not getting the attention form them you are used to. Please do not seek attention through sex or having baby. You are 13 and such a long life ahead of you if you have a baby now that is all over. You won't be able to attend school properly or college because that baby is YOUR responsibilty not anyone else's.

If you care to please give me some information on what's going on in your life with your parents and you.