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I don't want any of you to judge we are in love don't care if you say we are too young but what are the chances of us having a baby we are both 16


If you want a baby why did you post it under abortion?

Some questions regarding the readiness of parenting between you and your bf:

a) are you financially prepared to support your child and yourself, are you planning to do this while attending school or are you planning on being a drop-out and get a minimum wage job? 

b) are you planning on parenting from your own parents home or moving out together which then involves you both getting a full-time job, again after school or drop-outs?  Smart parenting skills already (being drop-outs). 

c) are you expecting without talking to either families for your parents to drop everything and to help you out (that's immature and pretty expectant)

d) how do expect to keep any friends when you can't join them at the mall because your baby is sick or join them out for a friday night when you have a baby to take care of and they don't want to come to your place because of the baby?

e) how do you expect to be parents when you don't even know the chances of you being pregnant?  AND, you have to ask strangers.  You are asking for judgements!

f) do you honestly really expect your relationship to last?  Do you think your bf wants to see you push a baby out of your vagina?  Your vagina gets all stretched and wrinkly after and you may never go down to regular size again.  You get stretch marks absolutely everywhere especially at such a young age (LOL I was 35 and not one stretch mark, not everyone is so luck though).  So do you think he may go out and cheat while you are pregnant and not wanting him to touch you because you are fat and ugly with this baby growing inside of you?

I could go on BUT i think you get my drift?  Just think about your can of worms that you are opening up - you are no where near being ready for a baby!  Go buy a doll and play with that for awhile - ToysRUs is a great place to start.  You can even find some real looking baby dolls nowadays, so please go play with one first.  Better yet, get a puppy or kitty and try litter training them and see how that goes first.  (If you could see me I'm shaking my head at you right now).