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Hi there my name is Daniel I'm 23, i recently quit smoking pot and cigarettes cold turkey about a month ago and both within a matter of days of eachother, i was smoking pot everyday all day for 2 years straight and cigarettes for 11 years, i'm just now starting to get what i think are withdrawal symptoms,... Sever Abdominal pain at randoms times regardless of eating, depression, mood swings ( very bad temper ). waking up at night from stomach aces, Also a lose of appetite. i went to the doctors at first and got an xray on my stomach and i was fine, 4 days later i was in sever pain from my abdomen in several places and went to the hospital and got an ultrasound, once again i was fine, now im convinced this is withdrawals, please if there are any tips to help me along this process it is much appriciated. thanks. Dan.


I would also like to add to this, i had an old prescription of tramadol that i have been taking to deal with the pains,

But i have gotten to the point now where it's been so much im getting exhausted i don't want to give up but it's not easy, i would have slowed down and eased off but it got to the point where when ever i smoked a bowl, my stomach would get bloated and even intensify the pain, i already suffer from anxiety, lately it has only gotten 10x worst and im almost out of ativan now lol. thanks again. Dan