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i feel so bad :'( from two months i start getting panic and anxeity disorder
and i cant control my feeling , its so painful so can you help me please


Hi Guest. Firstly, what you need to know about anxiety attacks is that they aren't going to hurt you. They may feel terrible, but no harm is goin to come to you from having them, because if harm would come to you from them, it would have already happened and there would be no such thing as rollercoasters for thos who enjoy anxious sensations. Next, you need to do some research on anxiety and panic attacks. You could use a program like Panic Away or The Linden Method (but make sure it's a reputable program like these), or you could simply buy a book. I just posted to someone else about the book "Self-Coaching" by Joseph Luciani, which is one of my favorite books on the subject after the Linden Method book.

For immediate anxiety relief, you can try some breathing exercises like (even breath in to the cound of 4, even exhale out to the count of 6 or seven). Mild yoga is a good way to begin if you don't get enough exercise due to the anxiety, and can also aid in better breathing habits.