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hey all,
i have been wondering if i suffer from mild anxiety attacks. i feel like my throat is narrowing up for some reason and that i can't get full breaths in. i feel like someone is pushing on my neck (throat area.) and in the most random times. i will just be sitting there and it happens. i am currently on a 48 hr. holter monitor to check for heart palpitations, but i don't think these are connected as my only heart symptom has been feeling heart skips, and i don't feel these when my throat feels like it is closing. i just feel as though i can't get full breaths. like my throat and chest are closing. i take like half of my mom's xanx (1/2 a pill i mean) and in about an hour i seem to feel better. do you think i am just suffering from anxiety? i work 3 jobs and go to school full time (i'm 20 years old.)
please post. thanks!


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Hi Clay, It sounds like anxiety and close to turning into panic attacks so I would definitely try and get some help. Does your school have a counseling center? If you are willing to put some time in on yourself you may want to give CBT a try. Cbt teaches you exercises that help you learn to think more objectively. It has changed my life dramatically and I highly recommend cbt for panic, anxiety and depression. If you can't afford a cbt group pick up a copy of been there, done that? Do this! By sam obitz (******) and start doing the tea form exercise in it. This is one of the two books we used in my group. Take care and know you can get better if you learn to think more objectively about your symptoms through the cbt exercises. You definitely do not want to let this get worse to where you are having panic attacks because they are no fun at all. The more you work on the exercises the more relief you get, I am still improving today. Good luck!

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