Hi everyone, My Name is Austin and im 18 years old almost 19, i have bad ezcema an its spreading all over my body , chest , elbo , back of my knee , and thighs , arms... its been so damn hard to sleep at night and school is on my ass 24/7 like they just don't know my pain, i have met my pediatric care doctor he prescribed me medication and cream but they only worked a couple days due to the fact its only prescribed a couple weeks and the when im   done wit my meds the ezcema comes back worser, and so i made an appointment to see a skin doctor' i only met him for like a min in a half -.- i was disappointed that he only gave me small package of ezcema cream relief and meds that helped but only for a couple days... its just so hard to deal with this and i understand everyones pain that have ezcema" ITS SO HARD TO NOT TO CRY INFRONT OF CLASSMATES! specially in high school, im a grown man but i have no choices to cover it up an wear long pants an long coat.... FOR GOD SAKE CAN WE HAVE A CURE PLASE!!! i want to enjoy my summer not be in doors' and also one of the most heart breaking effects is that when im near 70 - 80 degree weather an when my skin touches the heatness i burn up so badly :( so i cant be out doors or else i burn up, the irritating itchness is so painful ughh i feel like an infected zombie" but here are list of meds and cream i've used that kind of helped it healed but couple days later after i ran out of meds it came back worse everytime! ("Medication") 1. IBUPROFEN 600MG TABLETS ] 2.BANOPHEN 25MG CAPSULES ] 3. PREDNISONE 10MG TABLETS ] 4. CEPHALEXIN 500MG CAPSULES ] 5. SULFAMETH/TEMP 800/169MG TB ] ("Creams") HYDROCORTISONE CREAM USP, 2.5% 

BETAMETHASONE DIPROPIONATE CREAM USP ] and i used eczema relief lotion to reduce the pain and irritation, its crazy how im using all of this and it only works for a couple days then comes back but like it sucks that the meds can't be refill due to doctor authorities which is bs cuz if its healing me i need something that i need to take more that a week?! an they say sorry we can't keep giving you these meds well give you some creams to reduce the itchiness" >:( im like "hello" if the meds heal me i need to take them more until it fully cure me why stoping taking them if they cure me like literally after taking the meds i felt relief cured pain free itchiness free i felt human again, but then it came back 10x worser an then i kept meeting wit my pediatric care doctor and they keep saying the same stuff over and over, an so i met wit this skin doctor an i waited for like a good 2 min to see him while i was in the room in the rope thing, an so he comes in the room talks for me for about a min in a half an talks about promising me that the meds an cream he provides will help me.... week later sh*t did not help me it got 20x worser got eczema all over my body' im supposed to see the skin doctor again at the end of May so on the 31th... and once again up all night at 5 o clock in the morning... i feel like my body is failing, hope everyone gets well