Hcg has been a conterversial diet as well as Lipotropic which are simple amino acids, with so many diets out there we are always looking for the best diet possible. The first thing before you even start a diet, you have to remember that there is no magic solution for weight loss. If, there was why would we diet, you always have to take many considerations prior to start any diet, such as lifestyle, health, diet, exercise, behavoir modification. find the right diet for you is also important. Hcg is a hormone diet in which no research has actually been done and many people believe that it is the low calorie diet that makes you lose the weight but then you have to look at the facts such as other rapid weight loss programs as Optifast. People tend to lonly lose fat with the Hcg diet as people lose muscle mass with the optifast diet. Lipotropics are also a bigh help and help you with the fatty liver. I personally seen people never fail or gain weight when they have done the Hcg diet, but seen people gain weight with other programs. Best thing to do is to find a doctor that can explain the diet to you. That is a good doctor, to go to cookie cut programs. shop for you doctor