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I lost my virginity on the first of may. The guy didn't use a condom at first but I made him stop. He wasnt close to done yet and he ejaculated by his own effort. Then we did it with a condom, but pulled out. That day i was just getting off my period and after we did it i bled for another day.Then on the 8th of may we did it again with a condom twice. First time he pulled out second time I'm not sure. But we used condoms. I've been very worried about getting pregnant since I had sex. Today is the 27th and I'm five days late. The only pregnancy symptom I have is that I've been really tired. Plus this month has a lot of other stressful events occur. I took a pregnancy test two to three days ago. It was one of those Friday response early pregnancy tests. I took one Friday afternoon and the other Saturday morning. Both negative. Please help I don't want to worry anymore.


Whenever you sleep with your boyfriend make sure to use a condom. Not only does it protect you from pregnancy, it also protects you from all sorts of STD's. I don't think you should worry about getting pregnant, the chance that any semen reached you is very small and that added to the chance of that semen to evolve into a pregnancy is really small. If you want to feel more secure about having sex: go double Dutch, use a condom and start taking the pill.