Two weeks ago I experienced a massive headache across the top of my head. I do have migraines, but this one did not present itself as one. I had no light sensitivity, visual problems or nasuea - just the severe pain at the top of my head for several hours. I finally took a sleeping aid to see if sleep would break the headache, and it did. I woke up the next day - the headache was gone, and I felt fine - tired, but fine for the next five  days. 

Then Five days later, I experienced another severe headache at the top of my head, exactly like the one the previous week,only this time  I was naseua and vomiting. Again I took a sleeping aide to break the headache, which it did, And Once again the the next day the headache was gone. However, this time Iwas left with nubness across the top of my head that also extended to the tops of my ears. The tinitus I suffer from was was also much more acute, especially in my left ear.  I noted that the naseua passed as soon as I feel asleep.

Throughout this entire experience, I believe it'simpotant to note tht I had no fever, and excluding the brief hour I felt some naseau, I basically had a  good appetite the whole two weeks.

I have not changed any medications nor food types so I can't find anything in my habits that could be causing these problems.

My family physician seemed to feel they were some sort of a muscular/tension headache, except, I'm not getting any more headaches - just the numbness and immense pressure .

I had an MRI that did not show anything abnormal. Sinis cavities showed clear

Given my personal medical history, it seems prolems with cerebro spinal pressure could be at play here.

Would appreciate some medical recomendatins - should I get a referal to a  NEUROSURGEON? I used to have Dr Yuan (the BEST), but he is retired. I hear good things about Dr Jeremy Shefner on East ADAMS ST.