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I was detected with Urinary infection about a month ago with headaches and fever. Doctor gave me antibiotics and it was gone after a week, but i still have headaches on the both sides of my head right behind the eyes. I take advil and it is gone for couple of hours (till the affect of advil last) and then comes back. If i dont take advil headaches are accompanied by fever.

I went back to doctor couple of days ago and he did alot of blood test and schedule CT scan which is in a week. I just wanna know if any one else every experienced any thing like this before?


cant comment on the fever part- but i experienced around 3 weeks of constant headache....go to bed with them, get up with them- doctor called them cluster headaches and i was put on Amytripeline- experienced bad side effects off that- and the headaches went the same way they came on...suddenly. hope this is the case for you.