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hey.. I have been exercising regularly for weight gain.. I knw the exercise of gym and hv been doing them.. Also i am taking enduramass weight gain supplements.. My question is can i take this supplement with water also.? Also i m having 2 bananas with it. Please urgently reply.


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Hi there grathore001, 

I think that are no harm with taking endura mass supplements with water. A friend of mine worked at local gym and he was recommending almost everyone who wanted to gain muscle mass to drink as much water as they can. The thing is, that water helps body to get rid of the toxins. That`s why you can easily increase your musculature.  And, also, you need the right plan by which you are going to practice by gym. You need to exercise the right muscle groups in regularly order, and you must not do much weight lifting without properly stretching. Try combining exercises with some workouts (if you hadn`t done it yet). Push ups are the best.  

Banana also isn`t a problem. It`s great source of vitamins and proteins. You should include apples, too.