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Hey guys I am a 6 Foot 3inch 14 year old i wiegh 250 pounds i need my belly fat to wear off so i can hopefully get a girlfriend i no i shouldnt say tht but that is my ultimate goal im hopping to get 220 pounds by the end of summer please i need help.



I think that you just need a routine. If you want to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time you need to combine a workout with cardio exercises.

I would make it a 5 day per week workout plan, with 2 days to rest. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday you can run in the park or on a treadmill as this will burn your fat and on Tuesday and Thursday do you workout for muscles.

You can go to your local gym or you can exercise at home which i think it's better. Push ups, abs and squats are really all you ever need to gain muscles.