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I'm a pretty thin guy. more so now since running as become a crutail part to my workout. My body fat is somewhere around the 10 to 15% area. Not too bad. I can even see my abs pretty well. It's very nice. I'm still kinda thin though. I have a more muscular look sure, but I want to get bigger. Not huge like "The Rock" but more like Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man. So kinda of a stealthy buff. You might look kinda small but you have good muscle mass. Right now I'm 6'2" and weight around 160 pounds. I am hoping to be in the 170 (which is where I was before I started dropping body fat) to the 180's. Any suggestions on how to build muscle mass quickly? I mean if you can drop two pounds of fat a week you should be able to gain muscle right? I also heard that 10 pounds of lean mass a year is considered a bid acheivment. So whatever insights you have would be great to hear.


Not sure what you mean by quickly. I think this will be a two part answer.

First, add some resistance or weight training. Here is a program for endurance athletes.

Secondly, make sure you are getting enough protein. Even endurance athletes need a fair amount of protien to help rebuild muscle.