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I am trying to start a good healthy life style. I am marinating a lot of vegetables and would like to know if that has any health benefits. :-D


Hello BroDave,

Vinegar is a good thing to marinade with and also drink.  Usually, people use apple cider vinegar.  Although there are no clinical trials on vinegar there is a weath of anecdotal information.  However, we do know that apple cider vinegar is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins.  You can't go wrong there.  I would continue to marinade your vegetables.  No doubt vinegar helpts to tenderize the veggies a bit.  In the past, I have used apple cider vinegar and olive oil, garlic and herbs to marinade steak.  Then pop it on the grill.  It provides a wonder flavor and the meat is very tender and moist.