im 16 years old and i think there maybe a problem with my all started a year ago...i was 15 and i was so fit playing football and everything and i was so very fit nothing ever wrong with me but then 1 night i felt lyk calling an ambulance because i just felt really wierd in my chest it took ages for my heart to beat i think it was skipping but for months and months i just felt like i was going to die or pass out because it felt so wierd...i stopped playing i
football in fear that something might happen but i never told my mom that i tink der is something wrong with my heart...but its been over a year a
now and i feel good i get a skipped heart beat sometimes and wen it happens i have to move suddenly just to make sure my heart is still going and it is but most of the time it beats fine but over the year i have put on a little bit of weight and wen i excercise my heart beats really fast but i suppose thats normal because im really unfit but the thing is i am scared to go back to footbalkl incase something happens to me but i honestly think there is nothing wrong with me but then sometimes i think there is im just confused because 99% of the time my heart is grand and i dont think that it could be something bad cuz im only 16 but have history of heart dad died 4 years ago of heart attack but he was very overweight and never excersised and my mum had arrytmia wen she was 9 but grew out of it as she was older...also i am 5 foot 10 and i want to be 6 foot is there anychance i could acheive that?? dad was 5 10 and my mum is 5'4 and im taller then my older brother my a little bit and my younger brother is 5'6 or 5'7 and he is 14 and my elder brother is 19 but i want to be 6 foot is there anychance in that happening???