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I have had two recent erisodes with chest pain, both times I was admitted to hospital and given blood tests and so on- both times I was toldI had many pvc's . But my blood test showed heart enzymes normal and first visit I was given ecocardiogram and it was "normal" second time I was given a "Nuclear Stress test and it was "normal. I need to know "now what?" My regular dr. wants to see all test results then he will maybe decide to have me see a cardiologist. I am beginning to wonder "what is wrong with me?" First time I had horriable chestpains like indigestion with pain going up to neck into back of head- paramedics gave me nitroglyerin and pain was relieved for the most part the dr. said no heart attack so szsent me home with a new medicine- protonix. No more indigestion. Then last Sat. I got very light headed all at once went and sat down and had cgest pain like elephant sitting on chest. Then I turned grey and sweat profusely- head hurt and felt disoriented for a few minutes- paramedics gave me bytroglycerin- sypyoms let up went to hospital- had blood tests and so on- all tests show no heart attack. So what the heck could be going on? Who should I try to see? I am 63 years old slightly over weight history of one CVA on 10/25/94. One heart attack in Feb. 1979. Any suggestions? I am feeling frustrated!


PVCs are not normal, but not necessarily dangerous. It does sound like you have Angina which goes away with ingestion of nitro The things you are describing are not normal although PVCs can be benign. I wear a pacemaker and my husband is being treated by the VA
with Coumadin for heart problems and carries nitro at all times. We've been through the mill for health problems. Don't know where you are from but I woud demand a consult with someone known to be a top ]Cardiologist.

Right now i'M trying to sue my local hospital for a wrong diagnosis which almost finished me off.

If your Doc won't recomenda Cardiologist then it's time for you to consider a new Primary Physician.

I am Susan, 73 yrs old and from Florida.

Good luck!