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A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend touched my vulva area.  There was no penetration, he was fully clothed, and he said he thought his hands were completely dry.   However, I was ovulating and have since had a couple of symptoms of pregnancy.  I thought maybe there could've been something on his hands he didn't realize was there, or there could've just been some unknown accident that we didn't realize that might have gotten me pregnant. 

I was supposed to start my period on Tuesday, but instead I started Monday.  I had very heavy bleeding (enough to fill 3 tampons that day) and enough bleeding to fill 1 tampon the next day.  Since then, the bleeding has slowed and almost gone away.  I would have taken this to be a period (mine usually last 3-5 days and are heavy at the beginning and light at the end); however, for the past 8 days I have had a warm body temperature all day.  I have not been able to check my basal body temperature when I first wake up in the morning, but throughout the day my neck, forehead, and rest of my body feel warmer than usual. 

Could this mean that I'm pregnant even though I had the very heavy bleeding for 2 days?


this could mean that your ovulating. When going thru ovulation you BMR rises and in my opinion your period is jus messing up bevause you had foreplay