Hey Guys it's me again:

OK so here's my question.  Over 8 weeks ago I had major bunion surgery on my left foot and just started partial weight-bearing 2 weeks ago.  I still have lots of swelling and pain associated with this, that's not the issue as I have pain meds that deal with that.  I'm just curious to know if this is normal or anyone else has experienced this?

So, when I put my foot down in my aircast with either one or two crutches and bear weight, I get a sharp shooting pain in my heel.  I know I have been diagnosed with heel spurs but they have never ever bothered me before this surgery. 

I'm curious to know what you guys think.  Is this associated with the fact that I was inactive due to having to elevate my foot for the first 6 weeks or is it because of the heel spur?  If it is due to the heel spur does anyone have any suggestions for that and what I can do at home for it or do I need to call my surgeon and ask him? 

I live in Canada and go to the doctors or call the doctors free of charge.  I do have an appointment with my family doctor on Weds for more pain meds and I will probably mention this.  Just looking for any opinions!  Thanks guys...