Okay, im 25 years old 5'2 and weigh 165, i started waitressing in august so roughly 8 months ago and when i started i weighed 145, which i was fairly okay with i mean i wanted to tone up but i was always comfortable around 140, ive had an issue with my weight since high school when i hit 200+ ive never been able to lose weight healthily, my senior year i was bulemic and lost almost 80 lbs doing it, almost killiny myself in the process, a few years ago when i hit 200 again i was so depressed over losing someone that i ended up doing alot of drugs and lost almost 80 lbs again. neither of these things are a good idea, considering 1 DUMB and 2 i am a mother now. i had a pedometer one for a few weeks and i averaged out at walking/ power walking about 9 miles a day, with heavy lifting, bending, ect. however ive gained 20 lbs. i do not really eat at work, i eat breakfast at home, have a banana or an apple at work and maybe some celery, when i get home i usually have one unhealthy snack (chips) and then dinner. I do drink soda ( as a teenager i drank up too 6-7 sodas a day) now i usually have 1-2 a day. I try and drink as much water as possible but for some reason i just dont like the taste, anyways LOOONG story short, any one have any suggestions for a low budgeted, mom who works as a waitress (please no rude comments)