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Hi im a 12 year old and there is this girl in my class who ive had a crush on since 2nd grade. Im in 7th grade and i finnaly got the courage to ask her to a movie after school. She said sorry because her mom wouldnt let her date. So I said no prob and told her to text me later. Well thats been about 3 weeks ago then yesterday this boy asked out to a movie and she said yes. i spent almost all day cring so my freind offered to ask her why she didnt like me. She told him im to fat. im about 5 foot tall and 145 pounds i need to lose weight. please help me 


well im a 13 year old girl and i lost 14 pounds in a month by simply eating healthy and exercising four times a week. my exercise consists of karate and running/walking on the treadmill. i have a lot of fruits and veggies and eat meats like fish and chicken. no junk food! i only eat a small serving of junk on sundays. try to avoid red meat but its okay to have it every once in a while. i also drink 6-10 cups of water a day. and try to have some green tea because it helps your metabolism. i always keep the scale close by because it reminds me of how much i weigh. although you dont see much of a difference everyday so it is better to just weigh yourself every week. expect to lose about 1-3 pounds a week. good luck and just stick to it ! you probably won't notice first ten pounds yourself but thats okay, im still working at losing another 20 pounds. i started my jouney at 158 pounds. im now 144 and want to be 124.