My daughter is 8 weeks. For the last 2 weeks two white dots in the top right of her mouth on her gum line have emerged, about where I would expect the bicuspids or first molar to be. These have been getting more pronounced over that time. Although unusual, our health visitor has said it could be a first tooth.

We are now convinced it is a first tooth. The gradual emergence of this tooth has also coincided with our previously very calm daughter becoming more and more upset and inconsolable. She has recently started to find her thumb (hit and miss at the moment!) and when she gets it in it immediately goes over the to the right hand side of the mouth and we can see she is trying to suck it on the emerging tooth. Needless to say when the thumb is not in she starts wailing. Dummies/pacifiers do not calm her because they cannot get over to the area where the tooth is coming.

We didn't want this for our daughter so soon and of course it is causing me and my wife sleepless night and for my wife awful days whilst I am at work. We would love some advice and also have some questions:

1) what can we do to help our daughter cope? she is too young to get a teething ring that far back in her mount; and obviously too young for rusks of anything like that!
2) is it too early to give paracetemol based drugs, in UK we have Calpol? we really didn't want to give her drugs this young especially for something like teething
3) in the UK we have something called Infant Bongela which is a clear, topical ointment which is supposed to relieve gum and tooth pain. Is an 8 weeks old too young for this?
4) is having a tooth so young cause for any dental concern re, the structure of her jaw and other teeth?
5) will having a tooth so young help her cope with the feeling of other teeth emerging or is it just unfortunate she has got one so young and can expect a year or so of continued teething pain?

Any help would be much appreciated. We are so upset for our daughter and so very tired ourselves.