About a month ago I got some pimple like bumps in my vagina. But they came up only two day after I did shaved with a super un sharp razor and rubbed soup on it. But then a week past and I when to the doctors freaking out. She told me she that she thought it was just bumps cause by shaving with a dull bald that got infected by a skin germ. She said warm water would do the trick to get rid of them. But it's still there now after a month and I'm totally freaking out. And the more I look at google images of herpes I freak out. The don't seem to have any puss if I pop one it bleeds. Doesn't itch. Also haven't shaved since. So if any one out the can help me please let me know. Do you think I have herpes but the doctor was wrong or maybe I'm just freaking out and hope it goes away.