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About 3 weeks ago I started to get a rash and sores on my inner thigh/vulva, not on the actual genitals, but very very close, and back towards the anal. The rash was itchy and painful. I went to the doctor and she said it was jock itch and gave me antifungal cream. After a few more days it did not get better and painful blisters started to appear. It just got more and more painfull so a few days later I went to another doctor. This doctor immediately said it was Herpes. They took a blood test and sent it in for all STD's including Herpes. All tests came back Negative including the IGG test for Herpes. He said the the IGM test would take a few days longer, and when it came back it came back postive. The doctor explained that the IGG was for previous exposure and the IGM was for recent exposure.
Here is what I don't understand: I have only slept with my boyfriend for the past 4 months before the rash appeared, and he does not have Herpes (100 percent sure, he got tested and it was negative). I tried to explain this to the doctor, but he reacted like he didn't believe me and concluded with that I have Herpes. How can I have herpes when the IGG was negative? Can I have been infected 4 months ago without it showing on the IGG? What could the rash have been??

The rash lasted for about 2 weeks from beginning to end, the blisters lasted for about 5 days and appeared about 4 days after the rash initially started. It was only on my right side. It was very painful to go to the bathroom, not to pee in itself, but when the pee hit the soar it was very painful. The rash and blisters were very painful in general.


Comments appreciated!


Hi solom,

IGG does test for past exposure.  IGM can mean active or recent.  The problem is that IGM is not specific to genital herpes and it has a lot of false positives.

There is a DNA test available.  It is the PCR DNA test.  It is very accurate.  As an alternative you could wait about 4 months and retake the IGG test.  

Another possibility is that your boyfriend may not have developed antibodies yet.  Then the herpes test would show negative.

Blisters, or ulcers, are a common sign of herpes.

Again, IGM does not differentiate and has a lot of false positives.

Talk to your doctor again or get another opinion.  

Good luck and keep us posted.



I was diagnosed with Herpes. Its extremely painful, like having briars between your legs (at least that's how it felt for me.) But, my boyfriend had no idea he had it. The doctor said the most accurate test you can have for herpes is a biopsy of the bumps at the time of a breakout. I read that males oftentimes don't suffer from breakouts... or their breakouts will be so slight that they will assume its no big deal. Us women, on the other hand, have to deal with serious pain. Not all of us, but a lot of us. I don't know why that is, but I've only had one breakout and it was miserable. They say the first is the worst.


Thanks for response guys, I really appreciate it.

Well my boyfriend just got tested AND he was tested 3 months ago.. So I think the chances are pretty small he has herpes..

If we eliminate the fact that my boyfriend gave me herpes -is there any chance I could've gotten infected over 4 months ago and for the IgG to turn negative??


Some has suggested I had the shingles, herpes zoster, which is in the same herpes family. Will this make a IgM test turn positive?