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Hi! I am a 23 year old female. Who just discovered the pains of what seems like a hemorhoid but is not sure. For the past month I have felt as if something is leaking within my anal canal only to check and discover there is nothing leaking. Occasionally when walking a needle like pain flares up within my anus but then goes away. I have checked for signs of bleeding or any sores or lumps in the outer area of my anus only to discover nothing. So I don't have an external hemorhoid but from what I am reading i may not have an internal one either since i am not bleeding and nothing has popped out of my anus so i am at a loss.

Basically I feel like some fluid is leaking within my anal canal associated with discomfort and mild pain. Sometimes it happens for long periods depending on the day. When I sleep i feel it more. Not sure what's going on. I had anal sex only twice three months ago and i am wondering if its due to that. is it possible that something is torn? or is it just hemorhoids?


also i should add that at first for i think a week and a half the symptoms went away but now its back. It feels like a ball is stuck in between my anal canal and if i cough it will come out. strangest feeling.