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My boyfriend was treated by a doctor for his external hemroid, the doctor cut it to relieve the blood & paid. Soon after he got another smaller one and instead of seeing the doctor, asked me to try to cut the hemroid a little to pop it with a needle and relieve some blood. Sometime after (months) my boyfriend says that he has daily (abnormal) anal secretions (bile type liquid) since the Hemrroid incident, that is concerning him. Do you have any suggestions on why or if its within normal limits?


Look, I reckon it could be both and/or something completely different. I wouldn’t worry about the secretions if you two haven’t been taking care of things on your own.

Now, the secretion from anus could mean three things (from my point of view). First of all, protruded hemorrhoids may have secretions of mucus with remains of your stool, and he would be experiencing itching as well.

Secondly, it could have been some sort of infection but considering it’s been present for months now, it is probably not.

Thirdly, it could not be hemorrhoid but an anal fistula. Anal fistula often have discharge as a sign, there could be pain, a lump, and bleeding. Fistula forms when there is an abscess in the lining of the anal canal, which causes a connection between the outer skin of the anal canal and the inside of the canal.

I would suggest he visited a doc as soon as possible and also avoid playing doctors, because you could really make a mess.