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I have an obsession with the dolphin kick. It looks so beautiful to me. Still I have hard time doing it. I just can’t seem to get the hang of it. I feel like an id**t. I tried for so many times and wasn’t able to make any significant progress. My coach suggested me to imagine moving like a mermaid. How can I learn dolphin kick?


Don’t worry. You are not an id**t. Many people have hard time getting into the motion. There are several ways to do it. The most important thing is to learn to move forward not just going up and down. When you master this, everything else will be a piece of cake. To learn this you can try Head-Lead Body Dolphins. You swim dolphins with your head leading, without arms. Just like a real dolphin or a mermaid, if you like. Using the fins at the beginning can be helpful. Thus you will master the “motion” of going up and down and pushing forward at the same time. After that you can include arms and you will have the complete dolphin kick.