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We're 24, been together for 2 years and I love him more than anything but I can't seem to let go of his past esp since he's my first everything. You'll think I'm crazy...maybe I am but all he's done is kissed/made out with a girl who was his 1st girlfriend. Their relationship lasted about a month and the girl used him for the experience and then dumped him for another guy. I get images in my head of them doing all that and I feel so distressed on top of that I read so much c**p online about how a first kiss is the most pleasurable...well I certainly wasn't his first kiss.... I can't even eat or sleep properly since reading all that and I've had therapy but that didn't help......I start to imagine of all sorts of crazy things they must have done and I feel as if he doesn't feel as much pleasure when kissing or hugging me because he's already done it before. I want him to feel pleasure with my hugs too and get the same excitement with my kisses. He said he does and that he loves me truly but for some reason I can't seem to believe him. So can I ask those of you who have been in more than one relationship; do you get the same 'warm/fuzzy/melting' feeling when you hug your bf/gf who was not your first? Do the kisses feel just as pleasurable? Please no rude comments


I have been with other people before my current relationship. I promise that just because there have been people in the past, doesn't mean what he has now isn't better. It doesn't feel any less special if you really care for someone. You should try not to focus on the past and work towards making your relationship stronger.