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Hi, my name is Angel. I am 21 and for the past two weeks I have been experiencing eye spams, twitching, pressure, and even a little pain from time to time. I feel like my left eye (the troubled side) is even a little fuzzy, but that could just be my mind playing games with me. ;-)
Its VERY uncomfortable, but I am wondering if it is just because I stare at a computer most of the day or if it something i need to be concerned about. Any over the counter suggestions or ideas of what I could be dealing with? Please let me know as soon as possible. I am beginning to grow worried.

Thanks a million,


Twitching of the lid of the eye is usually a sign of not enough sleep. If its that try simple things before considering sleeping tablets (or try Herbal Nytol) take a hot drink before bed, do some exercise to wear yourself out, listen to soothing music before bed, and try to get to bed earlier. Note its not the amount, but the quality - if you toss and turn all night while asleep it does your body no good, because it needs to shut itself down for maintenance, and it can't do that if you're rolling around (some people naturally do this and don't even know). You could be sleeping for 8 hours a day and still have trouble, particularly if you already do a stressful or exhausting job. Try talking it over with your doctor just in case, and have an eye exam if you've not had one lately.

Eye pain itself has a myriad of possibilities which could just be screen refresh rate if you sit in front of a monitor all day. Check if your monitor is lower than 72Hz. If you can, turn it up to this or higher as it will reduce the stress on the eye. 60 or lower can cause problems in certain individuals, (I get it myself because I suffer with migraines). 60 is a bit too low which your eyes pick up on but we can't 'see' ourselves, this can cause headaches and fatigue too. Long-term use of CRT (the big screens which give off radiation, most of it exhausts out the back but there is still some from the front (sit back at least arms length, LCDs and Plasmas give off no radiation so they are safe), so if you sit back to back with another computer all day long, consider getting a special 'lead filter', your employer may pay for this as it does effect health and wellbeing in an office and many employers do not know of the computer health and safety laws) monitors have shown to reduce the eye's natural lubrication, so you might just need some artificial tears.

I have this as well myself (worked with computers for many years) and its uncomfortable when your eye becomes very dry, which could also cause the twitching, if your lid is sticking to the eyeball. An optician can usually see if your eyes are dry, but consider buying a pot of artificial tears over the counter at a pharmacy to test yourself first as they can sometimes be expensive, and you may need them for the rest of your life (I myself produce very little lubrication; I can't even cry, so I have to use eyedrops and wash my eyes out twice a day [because your body does this naturally when you sleep but not if you can't provide the lubrication]).

If you imagine all the grit (look at the light from a window sideways and see just how much dust is naturally in the air from the pollution we humans cause) and c**p that goes into your eye over a day and think that without lubrication this can seriously cause pain! Anyone who's had a hair or something in their eye and can't get it out can testify to just how much it hurts and you want to rub.

Hope it feels better soon!