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Hello guys,

I have a few questions. What is 4-hour body slow carb diet plan? Do I need to create a slow-carb meal planner or something else? What food to eat? I know this is the book, where I can find all recipes, where the author is teaching us how to use the slow-carb diet, what is the fastest plan to lose weight, etc. But, do I really need to buy this book or can I find some recipes online? I just want one successful and healthy  diet. Is there any sample of author's menu?

Guys, please share your thoughts about this.

Thank you! 


Hello there,

Yes, the 4- hour body is a hugely popular book. The author believes that some of us have busy lives and the only way dieting will be successful if it doesn't take our all day and occupies our whole life. You need to create a slow carb meal planner. If you really want to be sure what you are eating, I recommend that you take time to plan this menu, and you will see that this menu plan actually works. You can find some of recipes online, but I strongly recommend – buy a book. Keep it simple, repeat your meals, eat proteins and vegetables with every meal, and basically, that is it.

Best wishes. 




where I can find that book? In the stores or I can order it online? So, when I plan all my meals, I don’t need to plan them all over again, every day? That is pretty simple then.  So, these meal plans are not boring than, at all! I really love to eat delicious food, but I also want to eat only healthy food.

Thank you for sharing this with me.

I wonder, do you have any meal plan that you can tell us? You know, what I can eat for my breakfast, when I eat my second meal, and what about dinner? I know that the only way to lose weight and to stay healthy is to avoid junk food.